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The Lung Health Institute is a world-recognized leader in regenerative medicine.
Our approach to chronic lung disease differs from conventional treatment forms.
While conventional treatments focus on reducing symptoms caused by chronic lung conditions, our innovative therapy targets the source of the symptoms to improve overall lung health.*


Lung Health Institute’s Advantages:

Trusted prescreening and flexible treatment options

o Medical prescreening and integrated care
o Single or double treatments
o 5-year post-treatment follow up

Nationally Recognized Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval

Comprehensive Wellness Approach

o Anti-Inflammatory Initiative (nutrition and wellness education)
o Pulmonary Rehab subscription to build on results

Board-certified doctors

o Board-certified doctors and dedicated clinical team

How Cellular Therapy Works For Lung Disease

Cellular therapy treatments use the healing properties of the patient’s own blood cells. At a treatment session, our clinicians perform a blood draw from the patient’s arm. The small amount of blood is taken to our in-house laboratory, where platelet-rich plasma-platelet concentrate (PRP-PC) and other healing cells are separated and isolated. The concentrated cells are then returned to the patient via an intravenous infusion (IV). The PRP-PC travels to the lungs, where it can help manage your COPD symptoms and improve overall lung health. allowing you to Breathe Easier™ and have a better quality of life. Learn more about our cellular therapy treatment.

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